Business Courses

Our business courses focus on helping you to elevate your income and influence.  If you’re an entrepreneur, a coach, author, speaker, thought-leader, consultant, content creator, ministry leader or visionary, we’re pretty darn good at when it comes to strategies for monetizing your message + mission.

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Life + Faith Programs

We believe the simple secret to upgrading your life begins with…well, focusing on upgrading your life!  Whether you’re looking to elevate your confidence, get clarity andordeepen your spiritual walk, you’re not here by accident.  You’re in the right place.   Every dream and desire needs to direction and courage to the distance.

Live Events with Marshawn

Live events with Marshawn are usually described as epic faith-filled experiences!  She loves empowering others to SHIFT into their purpose, next level abundance and highest self.  

Free Courses

Be Our Next Story.

“I had a fear of being great, a fear of failing, and fear of my own shadow. With my background as a recent divorcee, serving (at the time) in the military, and being written off for being a teenage mom long ago, I didn’t think was capable or smart enough to be successful, let alone be a 6- or 7-figure business owner. I’ve learned HOW to truly believe in myself and how to charge what I’m worth. As a Counselor I earned less than $7K all year. After being coached by Marshawn I earned $10K-$20K a month and generated $250K in 24hrs from my 1st Conference. Now my monthly income ranges from $60k-$100K. Most importantly, I learned that I really am amazing because God said so! Thank you for breathing life into me!”

Believe Bigger! Live Bolder.

Join our community of 100,000+ extraordinary women (‘n some smart men, too!) and receive weekly motivation on how to manifest your full potential, influence and income.

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