Finding your voice is so crucial to stepping into your destiny… and if you can’t hone in on it, it will feel like you’re holding yourself back.

Do you feel like you’re missing out on knowing your voice?

Like something’s standing in your way?

Or that you can’t feel, hear or see what you need to know your voice?

Believe me, you are not alone.

Here are 5 of the most frequent factors that I’ve seen holding back my clients and causing them to lose the battle for the single most important thing they have… their voice.

1. Stop paying attention to your competition.

God does not compete. Sometimes you simply have way too many things competing for your attention and because you jump from one to the other, and you don’t spend time focusing on your purpose. You need to simplify. You can’t make sense of what to do next or find out what you need to say and share because there are just too many other voices and things and stuff and decisions going on in. Stop paying attention to your competition. It is a distraction. Focus on YOUR mission.

2. Clear the clutter.

As miraculous, beautiful and wonderfully complex as the mind is, you may have cluttered it with more than it can handle. Also, what’s around you is a byproduct of what is going on inside of you.

Feeling very cluttered inside often creates a cluttered environment around you—it’s almost like your voice is cramped in this space.  The clutter might be…

  • junk
  • toxic people
  • the past
  • your thoughts
  • your physical environment and space

Take a look around you and your life. What feels cluttered and needs clearing out? After all, clutter creates confusion. In order for clarity to move in, you have got to remove the clutter.

3. Start making decisions.

The unmade choices that are inside of you and around you easily can start overwhelming you. Sometimes having to make choices as a leader can clutter your mind because you are responsible for so much. One of the things I recommend is to simplify what you are deciding.

Make some decisions; take what does not need to be thought about now off the table. Simplify what’s on your mind and all around you, so that you can actually have a clearer path to be able to hear your own voice.

4. Avoid staying TOO busy.

When we take on too much, we often tend to “major in the minor”. What that means is that instead of taking on the one big thing that God gives us, we’ll take on a gazillion little things, and our hands become unnecessarily full. Our lives fill with putting out small fires and missing out on our big mission.

This is where I find that most people bury their voice—behind and underneath busyness and all of the other things that “have to” get done and “have to” be done. In that process, doing begins to overtake the process of being. Busyness is simply a distraction.

Distractions have a specific goal in mind:  Distractions take you out of your destiny. When you are trying to live your life with all of the above going on, feeling overwhelmed is a pretty natural by-product. And overwhelm is a surefire way to submerge your voice. It is impossible to be clear, divinely-inspired, or powerful when you are overwhelmed.

5. Don’t let your broken confidence keep you broken.

Broken confidence comes from people, experiences, and lack of clarity — it shows up in feelings of doubt, worry, and anxiety. It often comes from the words of other people that seep in and become these little tape recorders whispering to you what you can’t do, who you are not, what won’t work, and what you shouldn’t try. Those whispers, more than you realize, become the core of your identity. The Bible says, “As a man thinketh, so is he.”

We’ve all done it in one way or another, not even realizing that we are doing it. And we start to believe that the core essence, the divine thing, the beautiful thing that’s always been in your heart is not good enough– or we even forget what it was because it’s been buried so deep.

Remember: The battle is not for your talent, or for your beauty, or for your brilliance. The battle is really for your voice.

Thinking about your challenges, your distractions and your busyness is a disguised way of taking you outside of your destined place.

Whether it’s busyness, clutter, fear or procrastination competing for your attention, the battle is always, always, always for your voice.

I pray you begin to become aware of these things and that this message helps you prioritize your day, make better choices, and step beautifully into sharing your voice.

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