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What is Godfidence Live?

Godfidence LIVE is a 3-day weekend women’s retreat + destiny incubator focused on belief + manifestation mastery. You’ll learn how to elevate your thinking, embrace a bigger vision, change more lives and activate your destiny with courage, grace, prosperity and clarity.

Who is this for?

For the woman who has been holding back, playing it safe, procrastinating on her dream and living beneath her full potential, but knows it’s time to elevate her thinking to elevate her life.  This is also for….

+ Destiny-Minded Women
+ Visionaries
+ Life Changers
+ Believers Ready to
Believe Bigger + Live Bolder.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a stay-at-home mom or an entrepreneur…and this isn’t about success levels, titles, stage or age…this is about finding focus in your life, developing spiritual resilience, and the boldness necessary to become all God has called you to be.

If you desire to learn how to…

+ Manifest more,
+ Maximize your divine potential,
+ Deepen Your Walk with God,
+ Lead the Masses to the Cross, and

Experience more personal + entrepreneurial prosperity so you can contribute more to your family, fund your God-sized dreams, give to missions and write checks that change your community…

Then you’re in the right place. We can’t wait to see your face!

What Material Will We Cover? 

Track 1 | Vision

Track 2 | Beliefs

Track 3 | Identity

Track 4 | Prosperity

Track 5 | Manifestation

You’ll get clear about your fears, hang-ups, the past and the beliefs keeping you stuck.

You’ll hone in on your anointing, your personality and your sphere of maximum impact.

You’ll create your own Destiny Map™ and outline your new Life Plan.

And, you’ll learn how to change your inner story & operate with the Godfidence® mindset.

Believing in yourself is like a hit or miss thing – especially when it comes to doing something new, trusting your worth and even just finding the words necessary to stand in your power, dream or desire without the shame, guilt, hesitation or fear. If you find your apologizing for asking for what you want….if you find yourself wrestling with self-doubt (so much so that making a decision gives you angst and anxiety) and if you worry about your future, then confidence something that is keeping you out of your ultimate destiny.

The number one reason we don’t fulfill our destiny is because we’re not 100% clear on what we want and who want to be. Clarity is an issue if you’re constantly second guessing, having trouble starting and feel stuck in limbo.

If you find yourself settling as opposed to thriving, then it’s likely that your courage is out of balance. Courage isn’t about being cocky. But, if you struggle with being driven for a firm sense of your higher calling, and lack the boldness + decisiveness necessary to enter into God-sized opportunities and challenges, then it’s time for a reset.

Follow-through and finishing is can seem so hard, huh? IF you struggle with this, it’s probably not because you’re unfocused or undisciplined. The underlying problem here is fear.

Asking for what we want and need, and articulating our desires with assuredness, elegance and authority.

The quality of your connections directly correlates to the quality of your life. However, Each of these areas are essential elements to fulfilling your destiny.  They aren’t optional, they are non-negotiable.

It’s time for a Mind + Purpose SHIFT

+ You need CONFIDENCE to trust in how God uniquely wired you to win.

+ You need CLARITY to simplify your life, streamline your goals and focus your energy.

+ You need COURAGE to face challenges head-on, to overcome obstacles and to step into God’s bigger vision for your life and your purpose without shrinking.

+ You need CONSISTENCY to go the distance. But, that can’t happen without accountability.

+ You need COMMUNICATION to find your voice and operate in your anointing. You are here to be a representation of and mouthpiece for the living word.

+ You need COMMUNITY to help you carry the load that comes with you calling. Even Christ needed a crew. Without destiny relationships, it’s virtually impossible to find + fulfill your destiny.

What you may not realize is the reason why each of the BIG SIX struggles are manifesting in your life and causing you to self-sabotage desires and limiting your joy, expectancy and momentum.


Fear is thief.
It’s been stealing your dreams and aborting your destiny.

The Solution Is Simple.

The secret to becoming the person God has always intended you to be, and the secret to doing all God has predestined you to do is found in one word, too.
GODFIDENCE. Godfidence is the mind-set necessary to step into your destiny.

Confidence is believing in yourself. However…
GODFIDENCE is trusting The Force greater than yourself.

It’s learning to elevate the way you think, the way you see possibilities and problems, and the way you show up.

Elevating your thinking and your belief system is the only way to elevate the way you live.

Be transformed by the renewing of your mind.
Often said, rarely experienced.

I’ve worked with thousands of women…and men from around the world – all seeking to go to the next level in their life and ultimate purpose.

+ Why is it that some people thrive while you struggle?

+ Why is it that some are able to act decisively while you wrestle with self-doubt and paralysis of analysis?

+ And, why are others able to bounce back from set-backs and disappoint while you seem to be held hostage by your past, your regrets, your perceived mistakes and fears?

beliefs turn into Broken Areas of Life.

Like bridges, your broken beliefs need to be rebuilt in order for you to
reclaim your destiny and next level.

I’m Marshawn.

Chairwoman of the Godfidence Institute and Founder of the Godfidence® movement. I’ve been a student of peak performance, spiritual resilience and personal development for over 22 years. I’ve studied the art of manifestation. The science of success. The ingredients necessary for greatness. I’m a believer in believing bigger and activating anointing in every area of life.

And, I happen to be in love with helping you fulfill your divine destiny.

There is a reason
those in our
Godfidence® community
have been able
to experience…

+ Total life makeovers
+ Clarity about their spiritual gifts
+ Starting their dream business
+ Leaving their job to live their purpose
+ A deeper walk with God
+ Better relationships
+ Better income
+ Bigger influence and
+ Operating with Boldness

They’ve learned the GODFIDENCE® MINDSET.

An elevated way of thinking,
living, thriving and impacting.

As a Woman Thinketh, So Is She.

Everything begins with a thought. Everything.

It’s time to learn how to shift into the Godfidence mindset so that you can step into your destiny.  If you’re thinking that your thoughts aren’t really all that powerful, then you’re fooling yourself…and that explains why you might be floundering.

Our mind is our most powerful asset Ladies.

Learning how to elevate your beliefs, your thinking, your deciding and your doing is the key to manifesting miracles and more of what you desire in your heart.

You Are Not on This Page by Accident.

Your higher purpose is calling.

In fact…

Destiny drew us together.

If you’ve been looking for a sign
that it’s time to SHIFT, then this. is. it.

Beautiful is a Woman in Alignment with her Divine Assignment.

Soooo . . . Is this just about positive thinking?

Optimism is certainly part of the essence of God and key to accessing Heaven’s game plan. However – let’s be real. Positive thinking, without a true, foundational mind shift + consistency is just operating on will power. That doesn’t work. We’re still trying to do this positive thinking thing on our own and with our own strength.

That’s why you can have a good day and then revert back to being in the dumps the next.

Godfidence is more than just positive thinking.

It’s better. It’s sweeter.

Godfidence is Belief + Manifestation Mastery

Godfidence is developing a spiritual + mental resilience…where you operate with clarity, courage, peace and power.  Toxic Thinking is #1 challenge facing us as women today. 

Our thought-life determines the caliber of our life.

Your thoughts impact your health, your wealth, your
relationships and your results.

+ COURAGE is what slays the giants in your life.

+ And, CLARITY is probably the most difficult thing for us as women to articulate!

It’s time to define what you really want or else you’ll continue to settle for what everyone else wants. Gaining clarity is essential to taking your life back, stewarding your gifts, and entering your goals.


…Well, besides the fact that NOTHING like this exists on the planet, here is what makes our Godfidence event different + unique…

Intimate Retreat.

This is an intimate environment and a chance to get away from your familiar surroundings, distractions and frustrations.


Link with like-minded women who encourage you to live bolder. Share stories. Share your challenges. And, share your faith.


This will be an incubator for your dreams, desires, big ideas, gifts and higher purpose.


For once, you’re the focus. You’ll have mentors speaking into your life, your dreams, and your destiny like only Godfidence teachers can.

Intimate Classroom.

This is NOT a conference. This is a learning event and mind-shifting and dream-launching experience. We mix of spiritual enrichment with practical thinking.

Inspiring Stories Of Courage & Boldness

You’ll hear everyday women who’ve changed their lives and have embraced a bigger call to change the lives of others. Get your tissue ready!.

Destiny Mapping.

This is a proprietary process we’re incredibly excited to unveil and walk you through. We’ll map out your calling, prosperity, dreams and more!

Women Only.

This is a safe place to be transparent and make soul-sister connections. When women pray and pursue purpose together…miracles happen.

Our Core Focus for GODFIDENCE LIVE

This is No Ordinary Training!





Spiritual Resilience

And we’re going to have an absolutely, positively AH-MAZING time, too!

This is a spiritual deep dive and total-life immersion filled with practical steps, roadmaps, best practices, prayers, hugs, and guidance. The Energy in the Room will be Electric and the Atmosphere Elegant.

It’s Time for the REAL Proverbs 31 Women to Rise Up.

Why We Launched

There is a lot of fluff floating around these days. Coaches. Experts. Overnight Gurus. Wolves in sheep’s clothing.

+ But, where is the wisdom on how to activate your anointing?
+ How to manifest your dreams, desires and destiny?
+ And, how to finally breakthrough to the life you deserve?

We couldn’t find one. But, we noticed those in our Godfidence programs were experiencing massive life-shifts, wealth-shifts, relationship-shifts and even health-shifts.

We didn’t want to keep this a “secret” any longer. We created this mind-shift retreat with YOU in mind.

You are the reason we launched.

+ We know what it feels like to feel like you’re broken, stuck, drifting, numb and uncertain of your worth and unclear about your next season.

+ We know what it’s like to be a lonely, weary dreamer in a world full of doubters where people, family and friends just don’t get you.

+ We know what it’s like to feel spiritually depleted, even if you’re going to church, and feeling like there’s another level your spirit is thirsting for but unable to find.

+ And, we know that while you’ve been championing everyone else, it can feel like God has forgotten about you.

God hasn’t Forgotten You.

We believe this retreat + destiny incubator is the answer to your prayers. The desires of your heart. The longings of your untapped potential. And the dreams waiting to be lived.

Why Attend?

Good Question.  We want a certain type of woman in the room.

+ You’re a Visionary. Visionaries need replenishment.I know you’re worn down, tired, and lacking someone to rely upon. Recallable your mentality that’s been
depleted by your reality

+ Your Higher Purpose is Calling. Find and fulfill your purpose

+ You’ve Been Settling & Living Beneath Your Potential.

+ Your Circle Sucks. You don’t have a true TRIBE that gets your destiny-minded vibe. It’s time to elevate your conversations and connections.

+ You’re tired of winging it on your own.

+ You know it’s time to take your walk with God to the next level.

+ You have a story and gifts that needs to be shared with the world, but you not sure how to turn your mess into a greater message.

+ You know you have some hidden roadblocks, fears and behaviors that are holding you back.

+ You have trouble letting go of your past


Nothing like GODFIDENCE LIVE exists on the planet.

This is an one of kind experience!

Don’t take our word for it.

My confidence has grown based on the bold moves required to join GODFIDENCE. I’ve realized that with EVERYTHING I do, whether it’s free or $10k, it has to be done with a pure, servant heart. Working with Marshawn showed me what was possible. I feel fortunate that from day 1 I could see a part of myself in her so her confidence was very contagious.


Maya Elious

Founder, BRNDWCH

Marshawn’s understanding of the scriptures and passion for her audience is a dynamite combo. I experienced a personal breakthrough under her coaching and my life will never be the same.  My closest friends and dream defenders all know Marshawn’s teaching and coaching was the catalyst in my life to fulfill my life long passion as a leader.


Kat Armstrong

Executive Director, Polished

Godfidence pulled out what I had no idea was inside of me. I generated $700,000 in my first year of business in a new city where I had no client base, no family and no friends. Godfidence taught me to create a magnetic brand strategy and to live with boldness! I’ve grown closer to God, and I love connecting on a regular basis with women serious about their destiny + business.

Dr. Myla Bennett

Plastic Surgeon + Brand Strategist

Marshawn’s energy is contagious, her words are powerful and her knowledge is paramount. You will walk away knowing yourself better and feeling like you’ve made a new friend! The truth she shares will stay with you long after the talk is over. God’s love oozes out of her and it’s clear He’s using her to accomplish big things in this world, not just through her words, but through the lives she pours into and the talent she develops!

Chandler Hatchett


My income has increase as I have PAYING coaching clients and PAID speaking engagements. My individual coaching clients are investing $5k to $10k+ for coaching.  Additionally, my MARRIAGE IS STRONGER because my husband and I work TOGETHER on OUR COMPANY! I’ve been able to leave my job and walk in my calling FULL-TIME!

Saundra Wall Williams

Minister + Founder, Vision Building Institute

Since joining GODFIDENCE, my income increased by 2.5x in one year.  I create a new program and made $50,000 at my live event ! I never before did this! My income went up consistently and there is no way to express the elevation in my confidence. If a person joins this program, and they use even 1/3 of it, there is no way they can not only increase their confidence, but also their income!

MaryAnn Ehmann

Abundance Coach + Founder, Magnificent Love

This isn’t a stuffy church event.

This isn’t a run-of-the mill conference.

This isn’t a place to just get emotionalized and hyped in to feeling changed.

And, this isn’t traditional by any means.

We live outside of the box and our prayer is that this experience would inspire you to do so, too.



Track 1 | Vision. Learn how to see bigger, dream bigger and expect bigger

Track 2 | Beliefs. Learn how to upshift your thinking and release your fears

Track 3 | Identity. Find + Elevate Your Purpose, Voice, Gifts, Destiny Relationships and Path

Track 4 | Prosperity. Upshift your money mindset, rescript toxic beliefs
and establish your financial + entrepreneurial + legacy-building vision

Track 5 | Manifestation. Develop life tools, spiritual practices, relationship-building
strategies and the attitude necessary to activate your 360 Destiny.

What You Can Expect


+ Get clear about your fears, hang-ups, the past and the beliefs keeping you stuck

+ Get a bigger, bolder vision for your life

+ Get clarity about your purpose

+ Uncover your divine gifts

+ Identify your true voice (and how to activate it)

+ Hone in on Your Anointing – Your Personality + Sphere of Maximum Impact

+ Discover your Unique Leadership & Purpose Archetype

+ Learn How to Change Your Inner, Self-Sabotaging Stuck Story

+ Learn How to Elevate Your Thinking

+ Create Your Own Destiny Map outlining Your New Life Plan

We Will Also

Laugh. Cry. Dance. Release the Past. Take some awesome selfies. Cry some more. Celebrate. Activate. Reinvent and Recalibrate.


3 Days of Spiritual Fuel

Access to the Most Inspiring, Dream Birthing Room You’ve Ever Experienced

Networking with Like-Minded Women Stepping into their Next Level

Beautiful Praise + Worship

Sneak Peak at my New Training — The Purpose Map

Access to a Pre-Event Masterclass

A Beautiful Godfidence Playbook for Women

You’re Own Customized Destiny Map

Interactive Sessions + Brainstorms

Surprise Gifts

First Look at Our New Godfidence Academy

As women, we are everything to everybody, but our dreams and our destiny often take a back seat. Are you ready to be in the drivers seat?

This event is for destiny-minded women.

Women ready for a new language. A new vision

A new level of boldness.

And its’ for women serious about activating a new way of changing lives and amplifying God’s glory.

You’ll know right away if this is the event + tribe of women you’ve been looking for.

Our Retreat Venue

I’m Ready

I understand seating is very limited and that you only have 15 tables available. This event will sell out early. I don’t want to be a procrastinator and I refuse to keep delaying my destiny.


The First 25 Women to Register will Receive a LIVE
Purpose Planning Session with Marshawn.

Register before August 15 and Save $1000 on the full price $1997.
Choose the payment option that works best for you!

Best Value

One Payment of
$1697 USD

(Save $97 in finance charges)

Low Monthly

Two Payments of

(10% finance charge applies)

Simply put, I have actually made money speaking. I spoke at high profile events, worked with two paid private clients (at MY fee), spoke for private groups, and made product sales.  A program like this is for those who “know” that there is more. For the woman who can’t sleep at night because she’s tossing and turning thinking of new ways to impact someone else’s life.

Ashley Boyd

Author | Speaker

Marshawn holds nothing back when she speaks, sharing stories from her own journey that inspire all who listen and enabling them to feel that they have the tools to move forward with Godfidence.  When she finishes speaking, the room is ignited with energy and excitement. She equipped us with the tools to believe in ourselves and to feel empowered with our path.

Tonya Dalton

Founder, Ink Well

but what I found was the biggest fear for me was making the decision to either live in the shadow of my greatest and who God has called me to be, or trample on the face of the “what if’s and hows” or fear and go after my calling with full force! I chose the latter, and as a result of sitting under ME’s tutelage, I am truly walking in the abundance of what God has always had for me!

Page Turner

HGTV Host - Joined at the FLIP



+ Being more confident in your calling and purpose

+ Trusting Your Intuition

+ Walking away inspired and with clarity about your next step + next season

+ Shedding your fears and changing your inner stuck story

+ Finding your voice

+ Reconnecting with your God-sized vision

+ Identifying your wealth + income strategy

+ Having a new circle of women committed to leading, shifting, growing, loving and leading BIGGER

+ Giving your dreams a chance to flourish


Who Is this Event Designed For? Is it Right for ME?
      • Those who value continuing education and self-investment,
      • Those who are ready to invest in their future now (not those who aren’t really serious about stepping into their destiny),
      • Those with similar faith-centered values, a diligent work ethic and a positive attitude about the future,
      • Those who know that faith requires action,
      • Those who know that if they knew what I knew, they would make a lot more money and get a lot farther…faster,
      • Those who want to learn from the Godfidence company and communicate because of our experiences, results with clients, and approach to faith, life and business (you view our team as the right coaches for you).
      • Those who want to expand their income and influence (and are willing to do what it takes), and
      • Those who already feel the tug inside of them that it’s time to do more…it’s time to step into destiny!
Who is this event not for?

If you want to be more + earn more you simply need to learn more. The caliber of the networking alone is more than worth the tuition. You’ll have direct access to some of the most brilliant people in the world. You’ll make valuable contacts, and create a rich network of well-connected leaders. What is that worth to you?

This event is NOT for everyone. This is not for…

  • Those looking for a get-rich-quick fad (this isn’t the place for you honey!)
  • Those who are waiters and indecisive (I work best with those who have “now-commitment” to their calling..decision-makers tend to get the best results, too.),
  • Those who bring a negative energy, complain and avoid taking personal responsibility for their lives, and
  • Those who believe they should get something for nothing and don’t believe in self-investment. This wouldn’t be the right environment for you.
Why does this event cost more than others?

Our company is known for high quality, high caliber events and world-class training.  We believe cheap events yield cheap results and traditional education will take you to a traditional place. We have put together over 20 years worth of high-level training for you. 

Perhaps the tuition may seem like a big investment for you. We understand – especially if this is your first time attending a seminar like this. There is a big difference between cost & worth. Marshawn spent nearly $150,000 on law school for a degree that she don’t even use. If she had a seminar that only cost a fraction of that – one that would have taught her to do exactly what she is called to do – that would have been a no-brainer. It would have been more than worth it; however it just wasn’t available. That’s why we’re making this available to you now.

Cost is poverty mindset. Marshawn tends to look less at cost and more at worth, which is the type of wealth mindset that has accelerated her growth and that of our clients.

Remember, she was able to leave her job at the age of 26 and became a millionaire at 34… and she has never looked back. Everything (and anything of premium value) costs something. But, there is also a tremendous cost to you not acting, not changing, and not having our team as your mentors & coaches. Plus, just ONE new mindshift, new confidence, new opportunities that come when you take on a new mindset will make the tuition just a drop in the bucket.

Where is the Retreat taking place?
  • The event will be held in Atlanta, Georgia, a city EXPLODING with possibility! Plus the international airport is extremely easy and accommodating for travel. The event will be held at one of the newest hotels in the country and is less than 5 minutes from the airport.  We have secured a great room rate of just $129 (subject to availability) for you.  We will send you full hotel details and instructions after you register. 


  • We always choose beautiful locations and venues for our events because an attractive environment encourages creativity, which helps you to maximize your learning. We also have a host hotel with special rates and discounts for our attendees, and will send specific details upon registration.
If I can’t attend live, will there be a livestream option?

Not this time.  We will not have a LIVE Webstream for this event.  This is a closed door, private retreat.  What happens in the room…stays in the room.

Is the tuition tax deductible?

Generally speaking, yes. Most professional development courses can be written off in part or completely as a business expense.  You will receive a receipt upon purchase. Please consult with your tax adviser about your specific situation.

I'm Busy. Will You Have this Event Again?

This is our FIRST Godfidence LIVE.  We’re not sure if we’ll do another – mostly likely not at this low of a rate.  Delayed decisions create delayed results. And, waiting + taking for granted that there will be a next time isn’t elevated thinking.

If you want to attend this retreat – change your schedule.  Make your dreams happen.  Prioritize your purpose.  If you know deep in your heart that you’d get great results from it, then do it now.  We may never offer it again, and frankly, I wouldn’t delay getting results.  In fact, my answer for people who are wondering whether to make changes in their situation now or wait, is this: Why would you unnecessarily DELAY the results you want NOW? Waiting until later to do something that you know will create great results in your life is the essence of “self sabotage.”

Just like starting a family, there’s never a perfect time to do anything. You will always have stuff on your plate, you’ll always be busy and no time will ever be perfect, except… well, now.  Isn’t it time to finally prioritize your divine purpose? You’re worth this.  And, you’re ready for it. You’re not reading this page…this far down…by accident.

Is there a refund and/or cancellation policy?

Tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE.  They are transferrable.  We have very, very limited seats.  If you need a money-back guarantee or if you’re unsure, then this isn’t the right event for you.  We want women fully committed, present and excited to attend!

What time will the event start and finish?

Event Schedule
Arrival | Thursday – October 12, 2017
Plan to arrive the afternoon or afternoon or 
evening of Thursday, October 12th.  

Day 1 |  Friday – October 13, 2017
Doors Open at 8:30 am to 8:30 pm

Day 2 | Saturday – October 14, 2017
Doors Open at 8:30 am to 8:30 pm

Day 3 |  Sunday – October 15, 2017
Doors Open at 8:30 am – 2:00 pm

We’ll begin each morning at 8:30 am and finish up around 8:30pm…some time later.  This is a retreat so — please don’t make any conflicting evening plans so you can get the most out of your every session.

Will Meals Be Provided?

Meals are not provided.  However, there are several healthy and hearty dining options to eat in the area.  We will provide a full list for you to choose from and we provide plenty of time.  Please plan accordingly.

What Do I Need to Bring + Wear?

Well.  First you need to register!  In addition….

  • Pen and paper.
  • Plenty of business cards so that you can network. Attendees at our events always end up forging AMAZING business connections and friendships.
  • Light Snacks if you need ‘em during the day.
  • Recording is not allowed, so please do not bring a video or audio recording device.
  • A camera so you can take photos together

What to Wear:

  • we recommend “causal chic” for this retreat
  • Now, you won’t be walking the red carpet and you’re not closing a deal in the boardroom, but think of it as casual infused with your personal sense of style and comfort.
  • Remember, we will be taking photos together.
  • It might be a bit chilly in the venue, so bring a light sweater.

We’ll let you know in your confirmation email what you need to pack and have.  The most important thing is YOU!

Do I Get One-on-One Time with Marshawn and the Faculty?

Sort of.  This is an intimate retreat + group-learning environment, NOT a private one-on-one coaching program. Our company is one of the leading coaching firms in the world!  We know how to help you get results, and we’ve found that the BEST results occur in community where you can guidance, support and accountability.  Of course, our support team is happy to answer any logistics questions. Everyone will interact with Marshawn.  The real power is the community of women in the room.  This is a collaborate experience and true retreat.  This isn’t a big conference.  There are no breakouts.  We all be in the same place at the same time!

You will be entering into a very powerful community.  We would love to welcome you, support you and work with you.

What do I say to my spouse or partner who is skeptical about this?

(Family + Finances Note for those with Children): Studies have found that moms and dads are better parents when they are living their calling with purpose, passion, and fulfillment. It helps their kids expand their horizons and make better choices. There are times when parents need to invest funds into their own development so that they can provide a better life for their family. A short-term investment can produce long-term rewards. Remind your spouse that this is not going to be “taking away” time and resources from your family. In fact, by stepping into your calling and creating a lucrative brand, you will be able to bring even more to your family, your marriage, your children, and your life.

First, you can tell them that attending GODFIDENCE LIVE is an investment that you are making in yourself and your purpose.

Tell them that this is not a typical training, but that it’s a “work & learn” and high-level leadership + spiritual training. You are attending to do some serious work on your mindset and getting information necessary to turn your passion, story, gifts, and expertise into a enterprise.

Remind them that this is more than your dream – this is part of your called and something you feel very led to do.

Tell them that the host Marshawn has walked this path and will be sharing exactly what she did to become a successful Christian business woman working with clients like HP, Delta Air Lines, Rolls-Royce, Tiffany & Co.  And that being part of the GODFIDENCE community means that you are also associating with these brands, too.

Remind them that this is the TIME to be focusing on creating our own economy as a family. We have to take control of our finances and make investments in our future.

That there has never been a time with more opportunity as so many in the world are seeking answers and guidance—that you can provide.

Explain that you need an elevated community of women and a chance to recharge.

And finally, ask for their support as you seek to live your divine calling at a deeper and higher level.

It is very important and helpful to include your spouse in the growth of your dream.  The mutual benefit of you living your purpose and following your dreams can actually strengthen your relationship and family.

In our experience, spouses who don’t know the coach or who don’t understand the details of the program being presented don’t always immediately see the value in the investment. Typically, the spouse is skeptical and wants to be reassured that this isn’t just another ‘bright shiny object’ for the entrepreneur, but rather, something that is going to produce real results and provide a substantial return on investment.

Here’s what my other clients do with the information above…

When presenting the opportunity of joining this program to your partner, it’s important that you show your spouse: 1) what the program specifically entails, 2) what solutions it provides, 3) what makes it different from other programs you’ve experienced, i.e., the daily accountability structures and 4) the number of success stories from others who’ve gone through it and the results they’ve gotten.

That’s the most important: Be sure to sit down with your spouse (or business partner) to read the program reviews and success stories. In the end, your partner simply wants the best for you, and when you describe what you’ll get and what your return on investment will be, you will likely have full support!

EVERY DREAM NEEDS DIRECTION TO GO THE DISTANCE. If you could do it yourself, you would be further along. It really is true that you can not coach yourself.  I made $30,000 on my first multi-city tour, I closed a $20,000 contract with a major university and negotiating with a deal with TD Bank, and I’ve made 6-figures in a day launching my own mastermind.

Lashawne Holland

Wealth Expert

I’m literally walking out all my favorite scriptures on faith. He’s confirmed my decision to join Godfidence was not my own whim but His intervention. Being in Godfidence has cured me of my Lone Ranger syndrome! I’ve been awakened to the power of community and it came at a time when God was doing a similar work in my personal life and in what is now becoming a more literal ministry. Saying yes to doing things differently and being a better steward of my talents seemed to open certain divine gates and started a shift in my destiny.

Jade Simmons

Concert Pianst + Emergence Expert, School of Emergence

I didn’t have any concerns about the investment.  The biggest fear for me was making the decision to either live in the shadow of my greatest and who God has called me to be, or trample on the face of the “what if’s and hows” or fear and go after my calling with full force! I chose the latter, and as a result of sitting under ME’s tutelage, I am truly walking in the abundance of what God has always had for me!

Page Turner

HGTV Host - Joined at the FLIP

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We will send you additional detail on the venue and booking your hotel room after you register.  We’ve negotiated a great rate of just $129 per night at one of the newest + cutest hotels in the city…it’s less than 5 minutes away from the Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson airport in Atlanta, GA here in the United States.

If you have trouble registering, feel free to email us at info[at]marshawnevans.com.

Email is Best + Quickest.  You can also reach our offices at 888-959-1459 during normal business hours.

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