Turn a Bad Breakup Into a Purpose-Filled Breakthrough

Share This Blog Post: The sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory that is to be revealed to us.   –Romans 8:18 Maybe you’re going through a nasty breakup right now—or, if you are like most people who’ve lived a few...

3 Ways to Handle Negative People

Share This Blog Post: [clickToTweet tweet=" Let go of those who drain, deplete and discourage you. And especially those who don’t appreciate you! God has something and someone so much better for you. ‪#Godfidence" quote=" Let go of those who drain,...

How to Stop Holding Yourself Back

Share This Blog Post: Finding your voice is so crucial to stepping into your destiny… and if you can’t hone in on it, it will feel like you’re holding yourself back. Do you feel like you’re missing out on knowing your voice? Like something’s standing...

3 Simple Ways To Align With Your Purpose

Share This Blog Post: Purpose is my business. This is not something that I do just as a hobby. Sometimes it’s amazing to me that I started out this scrawny little girl with pigtails, big Coke-bottle eyeglasses, and a label of “problem child.” It’s...

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