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As a professional speaker who helps aspiring and emerging speakers to take their message to the masses, and as a conference + live event producer, I understand the complexity of securing the perfect speaker for your event.

I’ve been speaking at conferences, colleges, corporations, non-profit and churches for over 20 years. Whether it’s a small training, an intimate, multi-day women’s retreat, a country church or an arena filled to the brim, every opportunity to share is special, important and get’s my full attention.important and get’s my full attention.

This I know for sure, the right speaker can make or break your upcoming event! Their attitude. Their preparedness. Their experience. And, their passion. If any of that isn’t in alignment with your vision, then the experience for your attendees is subpar. My goal is to two-fold.

It is my intention to bring my highest self to your stage – to help your audience shift into the next with courage + clarity and in a way that is entertaining, inspiring and unforgettable

It is my goal to make YOU look good as the event planner. I consider it an honor that you’re intersted in inviting me to take your stage. It is always my goal to validate that choice…and maybe it’ll go soooo good that you, your organization and your attendees can’t wait to have me back.

Hopefully this page will make it easier for you to determine if my message, mission and mojo is what you’ve been looking for!

What You Can Expect

My team and I commit to the following…

+ Prompt communication
+ A professional and passionate presentation customized for your audience and delivered with enthusiasm
+ A collaborative experience
+ A listening + creative ear

If the booking is confirmed, we will gather as many details about your event as possible to make sure that the talk touches and transforms lives.

My Approach

I love speaking but consider my master calling as being a teacher.

Why the distinction? In elementary school, teachers labeled me a “problem child.” On day in 6th grade, a teacher said something that made me feel so small, embarrassed and insignificant. In that moment, I swore to myself that one day, I’d be a teacher who would never make my students feel like they were unworthy or incapable…but instead, invincible and unstoppable. With the time I have in front of your audience, my commitment is to treat your stage like the classroom everyone needs.

My mission is to inspire you and those in the audience to believe bigger and live bolder!

My Most Requested Topics

Faith + Life

  • Find Your Purpose
  • Believe Bigger – Embracing Disruption as the Key to Divine Reinvention
  • GODFIDENCE – Living Bolder for Christ
  • Dreamonomics: Monetize Your Gifts & Launch Your Dream
  • Brand Mastery
  • Millionaire Mindshifts – Moving From Stuck to 7 Figures
  • Women, Faith & Money – The 7 Habits of Prosperous Women
  • The Entrepreneurial Calling



  • Dreamonomics: Monetize Your Gifts & Launch Your Dream
  • Brand Mastery
  • Millionaire Mindshifts – Moving From Stuck to 7 Figures
  • Women, Faith & Money – The 7 Habits of Prosperous Women
  • The Entrepreneurial Calling

Other Topics
I Can Customize

  • Leadership
  • Influence
  • Income Generation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Faith + Business
  • Sisterhood
  • Gifts
  • Voice Speak for Pay
  • Manifestation
  • Motivation
  • Bible Heroes | Bible Studies – Esther. Moses.
    Joesph. Jeremiah. Proverbs 31 Woman. Nehemiah. The Woman at the Zarephath Gates. Mary & Elizabeth.


Rolls Royce

Tiffany & Co.






Bally Fitness

Smart Water


Capital Grille

Vitamin Water


Ernst & Young


Delta Air Lines

Home Depot

Fiji Water


Grey Goose

Best Buy


Mercedes Benz

Office Depot

Dairy Queen




Partial Listing of Corporations, Colleges, Churches, Associations & Conferences that Have Hired ME to Speak


Delta Air Lines



Turner Broadcasting


Home Depot

Union Pacific

Hewlett Packard (HP)

Pitney Bowes


Office Depot

National Bar Association

Major League Baseball

US Justice Department

US Dept. of Education

Natl Diversity Council


Brady Corp.

Urban League

Intl Assoc of Admin Professional


National Press Club

Black Enterprise

The Potters House

National Sales Network

DMAI – Destination Marketing Association International

National Association of College Registrars and Admissions Officers

MADD – Mothers Against Drunk Driving

Federal Aviation Admin.

Social Security Admin.

National Society of Black Engineers

Child Welfare League of America

National Crime Prevention Council

State Bar of Texas

“Your presentation was a HUGE success. You took the message of branding to another level!”


“We’ve never had a speaker leave everyone speechless, inspired and ready to go to the next level like this before!”

– McDonald’s

“You uniquely challenged and equipped our students to go to the next level.”

– University of Tennessee

“Your story was inspirational and speaks volumes to self determination and pursuing your dreams.”

– ESSENCE Magazine Empowerment Conference

“There is no doubt you ARE indeed the best speaker to talk to business owners about boosting their bottom line!”

-Small Business Enterprise Center

“Your sales presentation had all of our executives engaged from start to finish. Marshawn exceeded our expectations.”

– ProPath Pharmaceutical Sales

“Marshawn motivated the attendees to push the envelope! She was a great addition to our program.”

– Monster


Marshawn is an in-demand, captivating speaker who has been speaking professionally for over 20 years. She is also busy running her companies, being a wife and tries to spend as much time as possible with friends and family. When she does speak, she does charge a premium for her time. What else would you expect for a women who empowers women to charge and earn their worth!

While we don’t post her appearance, consulting and speaking fees online, we do expect your organization to cover all travel expenses and accommodations.

If you are interested in ordering books in advance for your audience, we can provide bulk-book discounted rates.

If you are inviting Marshawn to speak and don’t have the premium to invest for her presence, please pitch your request to us in such a way that it communicates the value + win-win opportunity commensurate with the brilliance you’re asking her to bring and the time you’re asking her to invest.

Keep in mind all offers are considered.

And, on occasion we can get creative to make your event request happen.  Not always.  But, you never know until you ask.

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