There is no one who always does what is right,
not even one.

—Romans 3:10

I know you’re probably like me… You want to present your best and operate in excellence. You want to live as the Bible describes—a life worthy of the calling you’ve been given.

And that’s all good.

But do you know one of the biggest blessing blockers I see?
It’s perfectionism.

God doesn’t require us to be perfect before we step into our purpose.

We add that pressure ourselves… especially us women.

I believe perfectionism is actually a sign of distrust—a sign that we don’t trust God to perfect that which concerns us. The Bible tells us He will do that, and we don’t have to worry about it.

God only asks our surrender, obedience and trust.

Perfectionism runs rampant in women. We never feel prepared enough, smart enough, thin enough, or good enough. This keeps us stuck in the paralysis of analysis.

Does this sound like you?

Do you keep getting ready to get ready?

Here are my 5 best tips to overcome perfectionism:

1. Stop perfecting, start practicing. Start leaping. Be OK without holding those highest of high standards.

2. Lower the bar. Women tend to raise the bar so high it’s almost too high for us to reach. I’m going to give you one secret I tell my clients: Paid is better than picky! The people who tinker and keep perfecting never make money. They never launch.

3. Learn to delegate and give tasks to others. Outline the process for them—but remember that no one ever will do it exactly like you do. Keep in mind…. Christ had a crew.

4. Get support. You need people around you who believe in you. Don’t end up in isolation—you can’t manifest your purpose by yourself.

5. Start before you’re ready. Ready does not exist. Listen… there is NO such thing as being fully ready.

Stop waiting for a sign that you’re ready. If God has given you a recurring tug, that is all you need. That is your DIvine Okay. That’s your approval that you are ready for such at time as this and you have been called.

You’re walking in the shoes of Esther and Daniel and Moses—and none of them felt ready, either!

God only requires that you say YES.

Hey, superwoman… you really can take off that cape now.

Just say yes and take the first step.

Godfidence is using the power within you to manifest the life that God has always intended around you.

He’s getting ready to bless your socks off.

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