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You have a divine voice. When you tap into it and bring it into your brand, you will experience amazing amounts of growth. Your divine voice will help you attract more clients, more income and more visibility. Your divine voice will help you connect more powerfully and meaningfully as you bring your message to the masses.

That’s because everything about Heaven is attractive and is magnetic.

But even the most inspired and inspiring speakers, authors and entrepreneurs need a little structure.  When you mix your divine voice with a few smart strategies, you will both PROPHET… and PROFIT.

Here are my 5 Tips to
Upgrade your Speaker

Tip #1. Be clear. Your audience must understand your message right away. This isn’t always easy for us entrepreneurs whose brains usually have a million ideas running. We are so close to our passion that it can be hard to be objective. What’s clear to us because we know it so well in our own hearts, may come across muddled and cloudy. It’s got to be very easy for people to understand you, who you are and what you do. Remember, a confused mind does nothing.

Tip #2. Be concise. When we hear a speaker, 93% of what we take in is visual and vocal and only 7% is verbal. People actually remember very little of what you say, so every word you say must be important. I’m a lawyer, and come from a background of hourly billing and a philosophy of “explain, explain, explain,” so I had to learn that my audience wouldn’t remember most (93%!) of that. Keep the focus on your audience, not on yourself, as you stay on point: What are they going to get from you? What benefits do you bring them? What’s the value you offer?

Tip #3. Be compelling. Now, what makes your speaker brand most compelling is YOU. Your story—your struggles and success. The transformation you’ve had and how that allow you to be able to help people. Why you are passionate about your topic. When your story and message are compelling, you not only create awareness, you create a movement—and word about you will spread. Build fire and energy this way, and people will want to stick with you.

Tip #4. Be convincing. Do you believe what you say? Are you taking a powerful stand in what you believe? Leave an impression. Share powerful and real stories. Ask questions to get your audience thinking. Make sure your teaching points are organized as well as inspiring. And that your stories have a point. Remember, if you aren’t moved by your message, no one else will be, either.

Tip #5. Be correct. I’m not talking about saying the right thing, but about positioning your message before the right target audience. Your speaking brand is “correct” when you attract your ideal audience by knowing what they want… and then you give them what they need. Make sure you know your audience and ideal client very well, so you can get your skin in the right game.

Use these strategies to increase your visibility as you share your divine voice, your unique gift from above. God gave you your voice, your story, and your experiences by no mistake. These were pre-deposited into your being for a reason, and I believe for such a time as this.

The Getting Started Speaking System
for Speakers

One of my most popular home-study courses is now available to you as a digital program… so you can begin immediately.

The Getting Started System for Speakers is my step-by-step program, plan and checklist for taking your message to the masses in a structured and organized way. This is the same system I created (and still use!) to build my speaking brand and the same one I share with my private clients. In other words, this system works!

This digital program includes:

  • 75-minute audio recording (mp3)
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