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For we are Christ’s workmanship,

created in Christ Jesus, to do good works,

which He prepared in advance for us to do. 

—Ephesians 2:10

This is one of my favorite scriptures because inside it lie some beautiful keys to discovering your divine purpose. Take a look at the words themselves….

1. Consider being Christ’s workmanship. Being Christ’s workmanship means that you are a custom creation–there is no one like you. Nobody else has the stuff that you have and nobody has been created in the way that you were created. You are a tailor-made, one-of-a-kind creation. So… you can relax and just know that. Because of this, you should never try to imitate and replicate what’s already been done. The world needs what only you have. Part of the discovery process is figuring out what it is that only you have and then committing to that. But you have to understand that that is your design and it is already within in. Any time you look outside yourself to find something that is only within, you miss the mark. Again, it’s all inside you… already.

2. Keep your focus on doing good works. Your existence here on Earth is about doing good works. Good works are part of what you are expected to do and designed to do. And I know that you are designed to do some pretty awesome and amazing things. You might start to think, as the visions and calling begins to pour into you, that they are too big. That you aren’t ready. That you aren’t prepared. But you are pre-designed for the amazing. You are pre-designed for the incredible. You are pre-designed for transformation. You are pre-designed as a messenger, or else you wouldn’t have that tug. Not everybody will even hear the invitation because that tug is not in alignment with how they their unique design. If you are reading this, I believe that you are a messenger–and you need to know that you were designed for this.

3. Remember that it’s “in advance,” right? You might be surprised by some of the things that God shows you about your life, about your business, about your calling, and about your own significance—but He’s not. He knew about all of the things that He would have for you from the very beginning. He knew who needed you. He designed you in such a way to meet the needs that other people have and to feel the tug exactly when you needed to.

4. Focus on the word, “do.” I believe your design and your purpose come forth through your voice. And sharing your voice means action is required. It is not just enough to know what you are here to do, and to say, and to share, if you do not actually do it. God really knows whether you are serious or not. You can’t fake this. One of the reasons we miss our purpose is because we  don’t do anything with what we are given.

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  • So… what are you not doing now that you could be doing?
  • Now, will you go do it?
  • What will be your first faith-step?

Share Your Faith Walk with ME by Respond Below… I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. Riches Monay

    I must say thank you so much for this article i’m really blessed and inspired.

  2. Chad Jones

    How do I subscribe to your blog, interested in reading more. I enjoyed reading this but also wanted to mention, one way I found my purpose was to do waht the scripture said, and that was to mediate on the Word day and night. Its true it will make you successful where ever you put your focus.

    I agree when you say we have to do something, whatever you are interested in, is Him giving you a skill and we just have to hone on that skill. God bless and can’t wait to read more, please let me know how I can subscribe, as I would like to have emails so that I can read your new posts.

  3. Marshawn Evans Daniels

    I can’t wait to hear how this message has impacted you! Share with me below!

    • Tenita Johnson

      I need to be doing more webinars/videos on self-publishing and the power of publishing books!

  4. Mary McKenzie

    Hi Marshawn, this is one of my favorite scriptures. Yes, we are created to DO great works; and to take the name of Jesus to places where His name is not welcome. Your blogs and Facebook posts have been a tremendous blessing to me.

  5. Tina Marie Chamblin

    All things are possible to him who believes. I am blessed to have several income producing opportunities and needing to decide or do all online classes, webinars and videos

  6. Linda Johnson

    Hello Marshawn, I am very new to you and feeling that God has uniquely put you in my path. He lead me to you at a time when I believe he’s giving me my scond chance to walk in his purpose. It’s time for me to “stop being a risk avoider and start taking action”.

    I’m called to be a Christian Career Coach and mentor but I first need to take the huge risk of leaving my 30 year well paying corporate job so that I can help my tribe (those that God is calling me to help, those needing to hear my voice and will be helped by my story). It’s an interesting yet God ordained one. God is giving me a second chance to step out of my comfort zone and into His “glory zone”. I want to be there.

    This weekend I finally created my business email address. Next step, launch the website.

    I look forward to meeting you in Philadelphia this week.

  7. Tyahna

    Hi, I came across your book in the book app an was able to get one book for free. As I browsed through all the books I stumbled across yours an kept you in mind. As the days went on, I decided to delete all my social media bc it was starting to become a distraction an was clouding my judgements during a time where I was trying to find myself an who I was an what it was I wanted to do with my life. Well, I’m actually talking about today bc after I did that I remembered I had a free book an went back to see what I wanted to read bc I needed encouragement. Your book popped up once again so I just grabbed it off of faith that maybe God was pointing me in your direction to get some type of spiritual guidance. I’m going on chapter two but I appreciate what your doing. Ppl like me need some type of positive influence an yes god has been tuggin on me an callig me to a higher purpose in life. I don’t totally know what that purpose is bc seems like all I know is defeat! I really want to break out of that an gain some type of purpose!!! But anyways, thanks for this opportunity to help me with knowing exactly what it is that god has for me! I have faith that maybe, I will gain some type of clarity from your book!! Wish me luck!! And thanks again!!


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