Be sure you know the condition of your flocks,give careful attention to your herds.
–Proverbs 27:23

Getting to know your ideal client inside and out is one of the most important things you’ll do as a business owner and marketplace messenger. What that person wants is going to be the key to your messaging and branding and it will shape how you offer your products and services.

Over the years, I’ve found that most people build their brands around what they think people need. While this is noble and sounds like the right approach, it’s actually not very effective.

Here’s why:

People buy what they want,
not what they need.

We make emotional decisions first and then rationalize them later. When you’re clear about your ideal client, you’ll be clear on how to give them exactly what they want (and get paid very well for it).

So, how do you figure out what they want?

First things first.  Start by filling in this blank:

My ideal client is_______________________________. (Be specific!)

If your picture is still a little fuzzy, these 3 rock-solid steps I use with my coaching clients will get it crystal-clear.

1.  Refocus: Get really specific about who your client is and where they are in their journey. If you’re a weight-loss coach, for instance, you don’t want to work with people who have no interest in losing weight. People won’t fix what they haven’t first faced. Pray about who you’re served to call.

2. Reflect:  Think about the transformation you provide. You’re in the business of transformation, after all. Where will your client be after he or she works with you? A financial adviser who says she’s an experienced money manager is a lot less fascinating than one who says she’ll move you from worry to wealth.

3. Relate. What are their aches, pains, problems, obstacles, and frustrations? What strategies have they tried that have failed? Look back at where you used to be. How did you feel? What kept you up at night? What did you pray about? When you communicate clearly about the obstacles and pain you’ve overcome, your ideal clients can tell you relate to them. That’s how you begin to build a relationship.

Your ideal client is already looking for you.

They may not know about you just yet, which is why you need to build your brand presence and visibility. You must put yourself in a position to be found and heard.  Your message and mission are that important.

Ultimately, you’ve been called to serve others in a unique way. Your ideal clients are those who are waiting and ready to receive what you have to offer.

Who is your ideal client? Tell ME below. I’d love to give you my feedback.


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